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Masters Touch was founded in 1991 on the basic principles of treating people fairly and with respect, providing quality service and doing the right thing for the customer. Over the years Masters Touch built a strong reputation and customer following in southeastern Pennsylvania.

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Home Services

While one-time services are an option, generally they are only a temporary fix. Long term solutions require a plan tailored to your home and pest problem. Contact Us today to see how our plans can become your long term fix.

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Commercial Services

We not only protect homes but are busy servicing many schools, restaurants, nursing homes, apartments, food processing facilities and more. If we do not service your place of employment, Masters Touch would like the opportunity to earn your employers business!

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Subterranean Termite Solutions

Subterranean Termite are natures recycling team. Their job in the forest is to return dead trees to the soil, unfortunately, they can’t tell the difference between your home and a dead tree!

Mouse, Rodent Control

Since the beginning of time, humans have shared their food and shelter with mice and rats. One of the most successful mammals on earth, rodents are adaptable to multiple climates and geographies.

Mosquito Reduction

Mosquito reduction begins with an inspection of your property to indentify the areas that develop and harbor mosquitoes. Reducing or eliminating standing water is the key to success in reducing mosquito activity. Some sources of standing water include: clogged rain gutters, kiddie pools and sand boxes, bird baths, flower pots, tires, etc.

Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs are back with a vengeance. Once considered eradicated from domestic settings in North America during the 1950s by the use of DDT and treatment regimens no longer practiced.

Bee and Wasps

Perhaps the pest group that generates the most fear and anxiety in people, and for good reason. Stings from these pests can be fatal to those individuals that are allergic to them. Even if you’re not allergic to them, the stings hurt!

Tick Reduction Treatments

Our Program is designed to reduce Tick populations, including those that transmit Lyme Disease, in your yard. It includes inspection and treatment of the transition zone between your yard and brush areas. These are the areas where ticks overwinter and quest.

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