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Food-Infesting Pests

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What are food-infesting pests?

Food-infesting pests or stored product pests are those insects that find their way inside the food we keep in our pantries. The adults lay their eggs on whole or processed grains; when the larvae hatch, they feed on the food source provided to them.
Some of the most common food-infesting pests that we discover in our West Chester homes and businesses include Indian meal moths, saw-toothed grain beetles, weevils, and drug store beetles.
Food Pests

Are food-infesting pests dangerous?

Food-infesting pests are not dangerous, but they are problematic to have in our homes because of their ability to contaminate food sources. They create a large amount of food waste and cost us a lot of money. Food is expensive, and having to throw it out because of food-infesting pests is unacceptable.

Why do I have a food-infesting pest problem?

A problem with food-infesting pests usually begins at a food processing or storage facility. These pests most frequently get into our homes through dry goods purchased from the store already infested with their eggs or larvae. In addition, damaged food packaging also often results in a problem with food infesting pests.
It should also be mentioned that adult moths or beetles will sometimes find a way into a structure through gaps they discover around windows and doors, usually after being attracted by outdoor lighting.

Where will I find food-infesting pests?

You will most likely find food-infesting pests in dry goods that last a long time on your pantry shelves. Things like flour, pasta, cereal, grains, and dried herbs often become infested with these pests. Something else to look out for when it comes to food infesting pests is they do not just invade our food; they also infest dry pet food and birdseed.

How do I get rid of food-infesting pests?

Trust Masters Touch Pest Solutions to solve the problems you are experiencing with food-infesting pests. With over 25 years of local pest control experience, you can rest easy knowing that we will provide you with effective and dependable pest control services.
If you live in the West Chester area and need help eliminating food-infesting pests from your property, reach out to Masters Touch Pest Solutions today and learn about our tailored pest control options!

How can I prevent food-infesting pests in the future?

In addition to our home pest control and commercial pest control services, take advantage of the following prevention tips to keep food infesting pests out of your home: