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Few pests are as adaptable and successful as the cockroach. Fossil records of cockroaches appeared as far back as 325 million years. They are found on every continent in the world. There are more than 3,500 known species of cockroach, however only a few of these are of public health significance.

The species of cockroaches most commonly encountered in structures in our area are: German, Brown Banded, American, and Oriental. These roaches are closely associated with human populations. While roaches do not directly transmit diseases to humans, they can move bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens into our food.

Technology has come a long way in cockroach control. The days of large scale fogging and spraying are done. Most infestations, even severe ones, can be handled with proper sanitation, housekeeping, and treatment with baits, growth regulators and light residuals.

We provide cockroach extermination services to customers in Chester County, PA, The Main Line, Western Delaware County and Western Montgomery County