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The Squirrel With A Six Pack

The Squirrel With A Six Pack

The Squirrel With A Six Pack

When I hear the word “six pack” I immediately associate it with those super muscular guys that work out at the gym every day and have 1% body fat. I don’t generally start thinking of fluffy rodents…until now. Where is this amazing squirrel with a six pack you ask? The squirrel in question was recently spotted by a man while he was exploring an old church yard.

Flo McEwan was taking a stroll around the churchyard one day, minding her own business when she came upon the strangest sight she had ever seen. Down on the ground not far from where she stood a little squirrel had begun to boldly walk up to her, stopping to stand on his hind legs and stare her down every so often. The brazen little squirrel finally stopped right in front of her, sat back on its hind legs, and stared straight at her. He was quite bold and friendly, and seemed to just want to chat a bit about the weather with Ms. McEwan.

That was not what had her staring in amazement at the tiny creature, however. When he stood up, the tiny little squirrel looked like he had six pack abs. She said: “I have never seen a black squirrel before so it was quite a surprise, then he sat up and it was almost as if he was proudly showing me his six pack.” This little guy is stacked, and has clearly been hitting the gym a little obsessively. I wonder if he does this little pose for all the women he comes across?

So, no, the squirrel doesn’t actually have a six pack. This was a black squirrel with fur on his stomach that happened to be shaped in the pattern of a six pack of ripped abs. It’s Mother Nature’s version of muscle contouring. My guess is the squirrel knows it too. No wonder he ran straight up to her with such confidence and ease.

Have you ever seen a squirrel or other small animal that had a strange pattern in its fur? What did it look like?

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