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Stored Product Pests

How to Eliminate Stored Product Pests

This group covers a variety of pests that infest stored food products. Most of us have opened that pack of crackers or box of cereal only to find someone got there first.

The most common pantry pest is the Indian Meal Moth. This moth will infest dry food products like cookies, crackers, cereal, nuts, seeds, and spices. Adults are about ½ “long and rest with their wings folded back over the body. Color ranges from greys to a reddish brown, but they have a distinct 2-tone appearance with the front half being light and the back half darker.
Cigarette and Drugstore Beetles are small reddish brown beetles that are approximately 1/16” long. They prefer harder dry foods like crackers, biscotti, and we find them a lot in boxes of dog biscuits. Grain Beetles and Flour Beetles round out this group.

Control begins with locating and discarding the infested food product. Thorough cleaning and vacuuming of pantry cabinets and shelves, combined with careful application of materials, usually solves the problem.

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