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Since the beginning of time, humans have shared their food and shelter with mice and rats. One of the most successful mammals on earth, rodents are adaptable to multiple climates and geographies. Also, when conditions are favorable, they can reproduce in large numbers.

Mice and rats are a significant pest of stored grains and other foods. They are also implicated in the transmission of multiple disease organisms including: Plague, Typhus, Rickettsia pox, Leptospirosis, Rat bite fever, Salmonella, Hantavirus and others.

Thankfully, with modern sanitation and pest management practices, the threat of contracting one of these diseases from a mouse in your home is low, but it can’t be completely dismissed either. Today, we don’t have to share our food and shelter with these guys, nor should we.

Mice (House Mouse, White Footed Mouse, and Deer Mouse) are our most common rodent pest. Often, the first sign of an infestation is finding feces (droppings, scat, sign, poop or whatever you want to call it) in kitchens and pantry areas. They can also be heard scurrying around in walls and ceilings. Effective mouse control begins with inspection to determine areas of activity. Then we can develop a strategy to eliminate the current population. But, that’s only party of the control equation.

Mice have very poor eyesight. Therefore, pheromones in the urine, feces, and body oils play a major part in the social life of mice. Essentially, wherever a mouse goes, he/she leaves a trail that says “follow me”. So, finding the ways mice enter structures, and sealing them, is critical to the success of any program.

Rats, while largely a pest of commercial and industrial settings, can be a pest of homes, particularly if abundant food supplies (bird feeding) are present. Successful rat control relies on steps and strategies similar to mice but on a larger scale.

At Masters Touch, we look at the big picture when dealing with mice and rats. The result is a program that solves your rodent problem and works to prevent it from returning.

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