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Jumping Spiders Have Impressive Brains | West Chester Spider Control

West Chester Spider Control

Jumping Spiders Have Impressive Brains | West Chester Spider Control

No spider of any kind seems particularly intelligent from the human perspective, and the tiny jumping spider is no exception. Despite the fact that jumping spiders possess a brain that is the same size as a sesame seed, these colorful little spiders are quite smart. A recent published study has demonstrated that jumping spiders can show the same survival techniques that many mammals are only able to show.

According to researchers, jumping spiders are capable of traveling towards their prey while changing their trajectory. This was an interesting find because it shows that spiders can quickly re-plan their travel routes in order to reach their destinations more quickly. What is perhaps even more impressive than their reasoning skills is there incredibly acute eyesight. According to researcher, Damien Alias, jumping spiders have acuity to their eyesight that is on par with vertebrates. Due to their incredible eyesight, jumping spiders are able to do things that most other spiders cannot.

Researchers have long realized that predatory behaviors and hunting skills often come with relatively high intelligence levels. Not only is the jumping spider a predator, but they also hunt and eat other spiders, therefore jumping spiders need an advantage over all other spiders. This is the likely reason why jumping spiders have developed a greater capacity to reason as well as possessing superior eyesight.

These advantages are even clearer when you look at how different types of jumping spiders behave. For example, one type of jumping spider will take winding detours while pursuing its prey, and it can even find prey that is hiding. This indicates that some types of jumping spiders can visualize their goal, and then make intricate plans concerning how to reach that goal. This is pretty impressive for a bug that is no bigger than my pencil eraser.

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