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How Often Do Squirrels Really Cause Power Outages?

Power Outages

How Often Do Squirrels Really Cause Power Outages?

I am sure that you have heard of squirrels causing power outages by tinkering with, climbing on, and just generally disrespecting the awesome force of power lines. But have you ever personally experienced a real-life power outage that was caused by squirrel shenanigans? Are power outages caused by squirrel activity really as common of an occurrence as we are led to believe by the media and word of mouth? Perhaps squirrels do indeed damage power lines and deprive thousands upon thousands of people of electric power regularly, many people just don’t know. However, there does exist data on power outages caused by squirrels. This data has recently been gathered and interpreted, which should close the case on the matter.

Although it may be hard to believe, but squirrels can be quite a nuisance to electricians around the world. Between memorial day and mid August of 2013, one expert obtained fifty different reports of power outages that were caused solely by squirrels, and that data was only counting twenty four out of the fifty US states.

For example, fifteen hundred people were deprived of electric energy in Mason City, Iowa, five thousand in Roanoke, Virginia and ten thousand in Wichita, Kansas. All of these cases occurred on a busy day in June, and in the following month of July, two separate squirrel induced power outages occurred on the same day and in the same town in Montana.

It turns out that large complexes that you would think would be immune to squirrel related power outages are not, such as airports and hospitals. During the years of 1987 and 1994 squirrels shutdown NASDAQ as a result of tinkering with powerlines. I am not saying that squirrels will be the cause of the first apocalypse or anything, but you would think that there is enough government funding to create power lines that are squirrel-proof.

Have you ever experienced a power outage as a result of squirrel activity?



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