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Commercial Mosquito Treatments

Mosquito Treatments

Mosquito reduction begins with an inspection of your property to indentify the areas that develop and harbor mosquitos. Reducing or eliminating standing water is key to success in reducing mosquito activity. Some sources of standing water include: clogged rain gutters, kiddie pools and sand boxes, bird baths, flower pots, tires, tarps, open boats, trash cans, ponds and storm drains, etc.

Reduction is accomplished with the use of larvacides in breeding areas and careful use of insecticides in areas where mosquitos rest.

You should still take precautions, such as using approved insect repellants when outdoors, especially at dusk.

Outdoor Party and Event Pest Reduction

Having an outdoor party or event?

Masters Touch can help with our pre-party service. It begins with inspection, treatment and removal of wasp and hornet nest. Inspection and treatment of mosquito breeding and rest sites and the application of a non toxic organic granular insect repellant to grass areas.

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