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Commercial Deer Repellant Service

Avoid inconvenient sprays that smell bad and wash off in rain. Masters Touch uses Deer Scram, that outperforms other deer repellents, is easier to use and lasts longer.

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deer-repellant-service_clip_image006Deer Scram is …

Granular…No mixing or spraying!

All Natural  …It’s organic!

A Perimeter Barrier  …
Sprinkle a protective strip around your plants and beds rather than spraying repellent on leaves,
flowers and vegetables!

Rain Resistant! … Deer Scram won’t wash off or dissolve in water. Deer Scram Lasts up to 45 days!

Not Offensive!  … Deer Scram doesn’t smell terrible like many sprays. Deer Scram stops deer and rabbits with good biology, not foul odors. Deer Scram smells like a mild fertilizer, which it is!

The Best Deer Repellant … Long-lasting spring and summer plant protection from deer browsing and rabbit munching