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Drain Cleaning

Masters Touch Pest Solutions provides drain cleaning with biological enzymes, Grease Trap enzyme treatments. The result of poorly maintain drain systems is the development of small organic Breeding flies such as: Fruit flies, drain flies, phorid flies, and fungus gnats are prevalent in food handling establishments. The process of food preparation and serving results in food deposits on floors, walls, and drain areas where small flying insects breed. Hundreds of wet breeding areas develop in cracks and crevices on floors, and behind moldings, and in floor and sink drains. Biozyme can eliminate these breeding sites.

Helpful Checklist for Small Fly Breeding Zones

Kitchen breeding zones (where organic debris collects):

___ Vinyl or tile baseboard moldings – top & bottom gaps, open cracks.

___ Wall surfaces under food service tables and counters.

___ Floors and walls behind equipment legs, drain lines & other obstacles.

___ Dishwasher disposals, support legs and cross frame, wall area.

___ Dirty pots, pans, dishes etc. sitting for long periods of time.

___ Plumbing leaks, broken connections, drip lines above floor drains.

___ Irregular floor level, low spots with standing water.

___ Plastic garbage cans, surface scratches and cracks with imbedded debris.

___ Floor drains, grate cover, interior basket, interior wall surface above water line.

___ Floor tiles: broken grout, open cracks, missing tiles, leaks into under floor base.

___ Rubber floor mats.

Kitchen storage and utility area:

___ Improper storage conditions of fruits and vegetables.

___ Rotten fruits or vegetables, in storage or on floor under equipment.

___ Improper storage or spills of bakery fillings, puddings, jams.

___ Storage shelving, support legs, wheel housings where food spills.

___ Forgotten foods, covered or uncovered, anywhere in room.

___ Un-rinsed cans or bottles in recycle or garbage bins.

___ Mops or brooms soiled and/or improperly stored.

Bar area:

___ Beer and soda drain trays, connecting plastic drip line hose(s) to floor drain.

___ Soda unit dispenser, supply tubes leading through counter top to bulk containers underneath or floor below.

___ Wall, baseboard, and floor area under bottle racks, sinks and refrigerators.

___ Drain tube drip pipes above floor drains.

___ Fruits: lemons, limes, pineapple, cherries, etc. are common sources of small flies.


___ Baseboard moldings.

___ Toilet base at floor.

___ Floor and sink drain.

___ Broken drain line.

___ Soiled mop and/or broom storage

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