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Stink Bug

Understand the Facts about Stink Bugs!

Here’s the absolute truth about stink bugs – You can’t eliminate stink bugs! They are an ornamental/agricultural pest that feed on fruits and vegetables. What we can do is reduce the numbers from over-wintering in your home!

About our Stink Bug Reduction Program

On the exterior of the home we deploy a gas powered back pack that we use to treat accessible areas to include behind shutters, around door areas (pedestrian doors, garage doors) behind light fixtures, around the base of the house extending a few feet from the house including the lower tier of your siding. We also treat the facia board areas, peaks of your home, around kitchen vents.

Inside the home, if you have a full chimney, we’ll flush that with a non-residual aerosol – which leaves no residue inside the chimney.

In unfinished attics, we utilize a ULV machine to conduct a space treatment – the attics are a strategic place where stink bugs will infest your home and overwinter. We also use a residual material to treat these areas.

We use 3 residual products in our backpack – the products we use are a proven mixture we’ve found to be highly effective in reducing stink bugs from overwintering.

FACT – You can’t prevent Stink bugs from landing on your home. What you can do is hire Masters Touch to treat your home.

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