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A Man’s Pet Squirrel Attacks Intruder | Wildlife Control West Chester

A Man’s Pet Squirrel Attacks Intruder

Many have considered purchasing a dog for home security purposes, but a dog is not your only option, as a recent burglary case has made clear. Adam Pearl’s pet squirrel, Joey, is largely responsible for bringing a robbery suspect to justice.

When Pearl returned to his home from a short night out with friends he noticed that some of the doors inside of his home were open. Pearl also noticed scratch marks around his gun safe indicating that someone had tried stealing his guns, and several valuables from his home had been taken. The officer at the scene noticed Pearl’s pet squirrel, and the officer asked Pearl if the squirrel ever scratches people. After Pearl answered yes, the police officer left Pearl’s home for a short while only to return with the victim’s valuables.

Apparently the pet squirrel, Joey, scratched the burglar as he was rummaging through Pearl’s home. These scratches helped identify the suspect responsible for the crime, and thankfully Pearl received all of the valuables that had been taken from him, and Joey was reportedly given a box of Whoppers as a reward for his bravery.

Have you ever known anybody who had a pet squirrel or any other examples of wildlife as pets?

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